Youth Service Trips



Mission Experience

July 11- 19, 2020


To learn more about the qualifications to participate in the Navajoland mission experience, contact Dan Carlson.

Youth Service Projects & Pilgrimages

Every year, the cathedral sponsors a service project and a pilgrimage for youth to actively engage with other communities in respectful and beneficial ways that serve others and deepen faith.  In recent years, the youth have participated in a service day at Matthew 25: Ministries and a mission experience in Navajoland.


At Matthew 25: Ministries, the youth help with “caring for a needy world with the things we throw away” through a service day of sorting and packing supplies for relief missions.


In Navajoland, the youth focus on building relationships with individuals from a different cultural background, exploring different facets of their own faith tradition as it is understood and practiced by others, and traveling as Christians who wish to learn from other communities. This annual trip is part of an ongoing partnership with the people of St Christopher’s Mission in Bluff, Utah. These pilgrimages sponsored by the cathedral are a time for youth to learn, to see their faith in a new light, and to expand their spiritual frame of reference – the reasons pilgrims across the centuries have always journeyed to sacred places.


To learn about youth service projects and pilgrimages, contact Dan Carlson.