Boar’s Head Festival

The Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival

Our 80th performance! 

On Saturday, January 4, and Sunday, January 5, 2020, we presented our 80th annual Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival to a packed cathedral. This year’s presentation was particularly special as long time pageant director Bob Beiring and wife Judy played the roles of Lord and Lady of the Manor  – Bob continues to steer this annual production, working now with co-director Anne Jaroszewicz.


Since 1939, we have been mounting the annual Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival the weekend following Christmas. Adults and children from across the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and from elsewhere in the community join us to serve in the cast and crew. We consider our presentation of the Boar’s Head to be a Christmas gift to the people of Cincinnati. Our cathedral is always packed for this festive occasion.


Our 81st performance is scheduled for January 2 and 3, 2021. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions mean we will not be able to offer our performances in the same manner as in past years. But we will be offering some experience of our annual Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  We will be announcing the details of this upcoming festival as soon as they are finalized. 


Additional information:



Tickets are free and are normally distributed early in December each year. Again, we will be announcing the format of this year’s performances in the coming weeks. Complete details about any ticketing will be available then.



Parking is available on the street and at the following locations:
1) Great American Parking Garage: Entrance is across from the cathedral on Fourth Street between Broadway and Sycamore Streets.
2) PNC Bank Garage: Entrance is between East Fourth Street and East Fifth Street on Main Street.
3) P&G Garage: Entrance on East Sixth Street between Broadway and Sycamore Streets.


On the cathedral’s East Fourth Street entrance is a wheelchair entrance with automatic opener at sidewalk level. All doors on Sycamore Street are also accessible with no step. On the main level are two sets of restrooms with easy access.