The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

Living the Way of Love

The Diocese of Southern Ohio is one of 111 dioceses in the Episcopal Church. The diocese is made up of 71 churches with more than 18,000 members in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and throughout the southern half of the state.

Created in 1875, The Diocese of Southern Ohio has jurisdiction over 40 counties in Southern Ohio. The offices of the Bishop of Southern Ohio and the cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, are both located in downtown Cincinnati.

A church focused outside our doors, loving and serving Jesus Christ in our beloved communities in relevant ways, both new and traditional.

Christ is calling us into meaningful connections with each other that transcend all boundaries, and to act on those connections for the benefit of all. By these connections we are made whole.

Awakening People to Their Belovedness in God

Bringing Transformative Acts of Love Into Our Neighborhoods

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