Justice at Christ Church Cathedral

Reconcile. Liberate.
Heal. Serve.

Doing the Transformative Work, Being Jesus’ Hands and Feet

We partner with and resource organizations promoting reconciliation, social justice, and advocacy.

With a long history of loving and serving the marginalized, the work of making Cincinnati a more equitable place requires partnership and collaboration. Community grant dollars are routinely awarded to organizations that house, feed, and clothe the poor, and to groups that foster mentoring and educational programs to break the cycle of poverty.

5000 Club Ministry

With our 5000 Club, a food ministry started in 2006 as an effort to provide a weekly evening meal to those who live in our neighborhood, including those without a home to call their own, Christ Church Cathedral now serves more than 100 meals a week, in thanks to our faithful volunteers and the generosity of the Cathedral members.

Soul Goods Gift Shop

Shop with purpose at Soul Goods, where 100% of profits go to the good work of bringing equity to our world. Soul Goods offers a wide range of books, apparel, health & beauty items, home decor, baby items, and faith-based gifts. Located at 318 E 4th St., just a few yards from Christ Church Cathedral, shop in-store and online.

Creation Care and Environmental Justice Ministry

The Creation Care and Environmental Justice Ministry works to align itself with The Episcopal Church’s Vision for Creation Care and its resolutions (Environment) as well as the Diocese Of Southern Ohio resolutions. Locally, the Christ Church Cathedral CCEJ ministry will work collaboratively to meet the City of Cincinnati’s “Green Cincinnati Plan” goals and objectives and be an active participant in Faith Communities Go Green. Learn more here!

The Native American Ministry Council

Active since 1984 as the result of a bequest from Nina F. Lansley, the Native American Ministry Council of Christ Church Cathedral:


  • Supports initiatives to empower Native American societies and ministries related to life needs, cultural sustainability, and spiritual growth within Native American values
  • Provides hands-on outreach by witnessing for, and building awareness of, the contemporary needs, values, and traditions of Native American cultures in the US and Canada
  • Contributes to the education and theological development of leadership within Native American communities

Debt Forgiveness Program

The Jubilee program, created by long-time member, Elizabeth Brown, and now run by Larry Hayes, partners with local agencies that serve families and individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness due to unpaid utility, housing, or medical bills. The agencies apply to the program on behalf of the individuals.

Community Grant Process

The missional work of Christ Church Cathedral is carried out through its clergy, staff, parishioners, and members of the cathedral community. In addition, the Mission and Outreach Committee is given the specific task of doing Christ Church Cathedral’s support and advocacy work throughout Cincinnati, the Diocese of Southern Ohio, and beyond. A subcommittee of the Mission and Outreach Committee, the Community Grants Committee considers grant requests to Christ Church Cathedral for financial support.

Community grant awards are guided by the mission priorities of Christ Church Cathedral and the Committee. Our focus is on promoting equity in education, health and safety, economy, social justice, spirituality, and community.

Community grants are major funds awarded to organizations two times a year, following a several week application process. Community grant funds are obtained directly by the organizations that apply for them. Though typically awarded to organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area, on occasion, the Committee will consider grants that serve organizations outside of Greater Cincinnati. Each year, this committee also considers partnering with churches in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio to make grants to organizations that they serve. The Committee accepts applications from nonprofits from January 1 – March 31 and from June 1 – August 31 each year. Grant awards are made in May and November.

Bringing Transformative Acts of Love Into Our Neighborhoods

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