Spirituality + Imagination

Delve Deeper Within

At Christ Church Cathedral, we make safe spaces for all and create possibilities. You are welcome here, and invited to join a community desiring to explore, embody, and discuss the deeper things of God through spiritual and contemplative practices.


Discover Beauty & Simplicity at Noon Service

Rooted in the beauty and simplicity of the Episcopal tradition, experience this hour-long worship gathering that combines prayer, silence, music, scripture, and discussion. People who attend Noon Service comment on the welcome, the sense of intimacy and community, the richness of conversation, and the sense of reverence and playfulness.

Contemplative Practices ⸻

Discover Contemplative Practices

From reflecting and experiencing spiritual expansion in our Sycamore Gardens, to reading from a heart space through passages and poetry for prayer at Terra Divina events – explore deeper roots and contemplative practices at Christ Church Cathedral.


Join In at Christ Church Cathedral

Explore musical and spiritual events

With concerts, festivals, workshops, and community gatherings for adults and youth, and neighborly connection for all, explore what interests you, buy tickets, RSVP, and share events with friends.

Bringing Transformative Acts of Love Into Our Neighborhoods

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