One Neighborhood, One Person, One Moment at a Time

People of Peace

Our mission at Christ Church Cathedral is to be Christ’s prophetic presence in the city, offer sanctuary to all people, awaken them to their belovedness in God, and lead the way in making Cincinnati a more just and equitable place – one neighborhood, one person, one moment at a time.

Soul Goods Store

Shop with purpose at Soul Goods, where 100% of profits go to the good work of bringing equity to our world. Soul Goods offers a wide range of books, apparel, health & beauty items, home decor, baby items, and faith-based gifts. Located at 318 E 4th St., just a few yards from Christ Church Cathedral, shop in-store and online.

The Native American Ministry Council

Active since 1984 as the result of a bequest from Nina F. Lansley, the Native American Ministry Council of Christ Church Cathedral:


  • Supports initiatives to empower Native American societies and ministries related to life needs, cultural sustainability, and spiritual growth within Native American values
  • Provides hands-on outreach by witnessing for, and building awareness of, the contemporary needs, values, and traditions of Native American cultures in the US and Canada
  • Contributes to the education and theological development of leadership within Native American communities

Jubilee Debt Forgiveness Program

The Jubilee program, created by long-time member, Elizabeth Brown, and now run by Larry Hayes, partners with local agencies that serve families and individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness due to unpaid utility, housing, or medical bills. The agencies apply to the program on behalf of the individuals.

Just as God wants to enter into our lives and meet us where we are, so God desires for us to enter into God’s space, together, and be present there.

Plumb Line

Discover Christ Church Cathedral’s Plumb Line ministry, founded in 1988, that helps people facing eviction from their homes or who are in need of a gift from our food pantry. With 15 social service agencies now referring people to the Plumb Line, we serve more than 300 people a year and commit over $100,000 annually to the work of this ministry.

For more information, call 513.842.2062.

Bringing Transformative Acts of Love Into Our Neighborhoods

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